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In addition to all these services, Seniors
also participate in year-round and FREE activities
hosted by the Town of Cicero

The FREE programs include trips, dances, luncheons and more
to plays, the theater, casinos, parks and events.

All Senior programs are directed by Sue Banks
through the Cicero Senior Center
5631 West 35th Street

For more information on Senior Programs
contact Sue Banks at

708-656-3600 x 847

Sue Banks, director Senior Activities
Cicero Senior Center, 5631 W. 35th Street


Larry Dominick
Town President
Larry Dominick

Cicero's Senior Golden Years Living Program

Cicero launches Golden Years Living Program
to attract senior citizens to community

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The Town of Cicero has launched a new campaign to promote its services to Senior Citizens, which have been described as being the most extensive in the country.

Cicero, a west suburb of Chicago with a population of more than 80,000, recognizes individuals as being senior citizens from age 62 and above. (Some senior services are offered to seniors at age 55.)

Cicero — A Senior Friendly Community

Senior Citizens have done so much for our society and our society has a responsibility to do much more for them.

When you become a senior in Cicero, you receive a number of benefits that you won't receive in other communities. In Cicero, we recognize our Seniors at age 62 years or older, although some services begin at age 55.

We offer two kinds of services. The first is for homeowners. The second is for seniors living in apartments or senior residence properties.

As a Senior Homeowner in Cicero, you receive:

  • Free snow removal services throughout the Winter
  • Free grass mowing throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Free Handyman services to provide repairs to your home, such as plumbing, electrical problems, minor heating an fair conditioning issues, and basic carpentry repair.
  • Free services to clean and unclog your gutters, wash your windows.
  • Senior homeowners also receive $500-a-year home repair reimbursement (funds are limited each year).
  • Senior homeowners receive a major discount on water rates.
  • Free garbage collection.

    All Seniors enjoy the following services, regardless of whether they own a home or rent an apartment or live in one of the Town’s many Senior Care Centers and Senior Residences:
  • Cicero has a Senior Center that offers FREE Year-Round activities that include: trips outside of Cicero to see movies, visit public attractions and casino, theaters and more.
  • The Senior Center hosts many Free luncheon receptions, parties, dances, bingo and other events where Cicero seniors enjoy the company of other seniors, food and entertainment.
  • Cicero has a Health Clinic where most basic services are free, or offered at significantly reduced prices compared to the private sector.
  • Free Transportation to the doctor or health care services and appointments, to the grocery store, and even to visit your friends in neighboring communities.
  • Two Departments. Senior Services to address senior needs, and Senior Activities to provide a full schedule of events and programs
  • Free participation for seniors in the town’s frequent employment and job fairs to assist seniors in supplementing their retirement income
  • We offer Free continuing education seminars and classes at our new Community Center.
  • First vehicle sticker free for seniors (next three are just $15 each).
  • Just $5 for annual pet tags if you own a pet (regularly $10).

    These are just SOME of the programs that the Town of Cicero offers to its seniors.

    Cicero was recently named one of the safest cities in America. The crime rate is down significantly. The Cicero Police Department has a strong and active Police Department that has a zero tolerance for street gangs. Graffiti removal is a priority. And it works.

    Cicero wants you to enjoy your senior years. And we want to remove as many barriers to that carefree lifestyle that we think you deserve and earned through years of public service and community commitment.

You paid your dues. Now it’s time for society to give back, to you.

If you want more information, contact Ryan Chlada
at our Cicero Senior Services Department

708-656-3600 ext 566

Ryan Chlada, director of Senior Services
PSO Building at 5410 W. 34th Street



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